5 Reasons Why I Would Make a Great Intern

We live in a world of advertisements. No, literally!  Constantly selling our thoughts and ideas to other, weighing the good against the bad of everything, convincing people and getting convinced , getting influenced by what is  more popular, threading things with emotions and expressions to make a greater impact and most importantly, making a decision to buy or implement an idea, invention or service.

Keeping this spirit of consumerism alive, I’m here to sell my skills and talent for an internship at your organisation. Again, adhering to the norms of conventional advertising, I am listing my qualities to help you make an informed decision.

1. I’m a product of advertisement

giphy (4)

From “ hema, rekha, jaya aur sushma” …to  “daag ache hain”, from colgate’s, “kya aapke toothpaste mai namak hai?” to  “kya aap closeup karten hainn?”, I have mimicked, enacted and meticulously learnt all advertisements since the time I learnt to speak. By not flipping channels between shows and diligently observing the stories spun around products to trying new goods based on advertisements, all the while maintaining brand loyalty, I have swallowed a lot through advertisement consumption.

2. Not just a product, a producer too!

giphy (5)

On my way of watching TV commercials, I got involved in making a few. Jingle writing competitions, ad-mad, commercial innovations to name a few, were competitions, where I got a chance to transform my observations and creativity into producing and designing ad campaigns. Making posters and writing content for social media has opened my brain to writing content and communicating messages in short and effective manner.

3.Media student, the best an ad agency can get!

giphy (6)

Analyzing trends, segmenting audience, understanding behavioral patterns, designing campaigns to attract the target group, is all that you can expect a media student to know and practice. Besides this, I have hands on experience in using professional video camera (Sony HVR-Z5) , equipments and studio lights and sound system.  I am also adept in using professional graphic designing and visual effects softwares like Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, In Design, Adobe After Effects; and video and audio editing softwares like Final Cut Pro and Sound Pro respectively.

4. Creativity or nothing

giphy (7)

Creativity in advertisement can lift an unknown product to become a best seller, while lack of the same can drown the best known.  Being a consumer myself and being a millennial child I am critical and acutely aware of what the general consumer requires and expects from a product. A great advertisement can convince a consumer to buy a product that they don’t even need and I believe that I have a skill to do that.

5. After all you don’t get an internship you earn it.

giphy (8)

I would like to work in your organization not only because I have interest in this field but also because I feel that advertisements today play a significant and intrinsic role in deciding the path of an economy. Advertisements are the biggest driving agents of consumerism and globalization. Working in your organization will help me learn and experience more about it.

I hope you’re convinced with the “advertisement” of my services and skills, and would at least try the product once.

giphy (9)

Thank you!

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